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The Wonderful World of Chemistry - DuPont - 1964 New York World's Fair

I never saw this exhibit, but I found the record years later in a resale shop and fell in love with the lyrics:

"That's why we can tell you we are all enthusiastics about the very significant, truly magnificent Happy Plastics Family!"

"You know we all have a smile on that started with nylon and stretches across each happy face!"

"Every day that we are living is such a thrill that we can't stay nonchalant! Better Things For Better Living are coming still - that's the promise of DuPont!"

What could be better?

Written and produced by Michael Brown

Music and lyrics by Michael Brown

The Norman Paris Orchestra

The David Carter Singers

With Mark McCrary, Joyce Maret, Pat Stevens, Brent Hickman, and Ted Sprague

If you're curious about whatever happened to Corfam:

The Wonderful World of Chemistry was actually about all sorts of DuPont products. As smiley actors and actresses sang "The Happy Plastic Family," audience members sat in Antron-Fabrilite chairs on Nylon carpets, watching the performers in front of a Mylar curtain. But Corfam, a new synthetic leather, was the star of the show. Promoted as having the feel and durability of leather, Corfam shoes also were water-repellent and were supposed to never need shining - attributes that inspired DuPont to proclaim that soon 25 percent of America's footwear would be made of Corfam. But then the other shoe dropped: The plastic was so unyielding that you could never, ever, break in a pair of Corfam shoes. People hated 'em. After seven years, DuPont told its wonder shoe to take a walk, at a cost of $100 million.

Run time 24 minutes 19 seconds
Audio/Visual sound


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